Tuesday, October 27, 2009

October update

Goodness, I can't believe it's the end of October already!!

One of my best friends from High School, Chris Duncan and his lovely wife Trishelle and their daughters Christen, Holly, Eve and baby Abby just visited. It was amazing catching up with them. I haven't seen Chris in years and I was as comfortable with him as I ever was. Anyway, the eldest daughter Christen is 8 yrs old and has her own private blog and she was very disappointed that I do not maintain my private blog.

So, just for my friend Christen, here's my update!

We went to the pumpkin patch with Aunt Ellie and Korbin this last weekend. We went to one on my Birthday up in Killeen too with Aunt Beth and the girls too, but it rained that day and we didn't get to do very much.

The pumpkin patch had a really wonderful hay ride and some goats that we fed and petted, we played with the pumpkins, jumped on hay stacks, went through the kiddie maze and were completely dirty and exhausted by the time we left! It was wonderful.

Two Wednesdays ago we had some moms from the cafemom group over to make rice krispy pumpkins! We got sticky and it was a blast.

We got to go to Sea World with Toby's mom and sister and family. That was soooo fun. We saw the dolphins and Shamu and played in the little water park and saw the sea lion show!

We have a new addition to our family. His name is Leonardo. Leo for short. (It was Socks, but we changed it). He's a six week old orange kitty with white paws.

Memorial Day found us surrounded by family. My brother was home on his R & R and my father flew in from Alabama. We had my niece's Birthday party, another niece's baptism and a huge barbecue and pool party for the kids. It was wonderful to just hang out with family.

Toby is now finished with class at the massage school he's been going to. He still has about 30 clinic hours he needs to complete and then he'll have his license and be ready to get a job at a spa. He's already started building his clients from friends and co-workers etc. He's worked on a few people that have said he's the best massage therapist they've ever had.

Below are some pictures of us from various things over the last few months.The pumpkin inspector!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

$5 dinners

One of the mom's in my cafemom group turned me on to this website/woman. She has coupons and recipes to make meals for under $5.


YUMMY stuff too!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

4th of July

Oh what fun we had!! We all met Ellie and Korbin at the water park and had a picnic lunch. Then we took some really nice family pictures (see below) and THEN we ran around the water park and had a blast.

Later in the evening I had a babysitting gig, so we all met up at the place I was at and had ice cream floats and let the kids run around outside.